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We show Dutch and non-Dutch travelers the beautiful Netherlands beyond Amsterdam and around. We are an adventurous local couple from Amsterdam who enjoys creating tours for Amsterdam expats and one day, hopefully, for tourists. We connect with the Dutch culture, history, and food in an adventurous way.

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Go with us on an oyster expedition, discover hidden castles, get lost in the extraordinary museums, bike in the tulip fields, walk through the vibrant cities, climb the dunes with breathtaking views, embark on a boat tour on the river Vecht, or mud walk in the Wadden Sea… Just choose a private tour with us, and we will take care of the rest.

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Unique Destinations

See mind-blowing towns and cities, old castles and windmills, national parks, museums, Dutch dunes, fields of tulips, zoos, and cool attractions, or stay in unique hotels. The Netherlands is full of activities and events to experience. We will guide you to the most unique places.

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Guys, you are seriously one of my favourite bloggers! I am learning so much about the Netherlands, even though I’ve been living here for 9 years already. I have saved many of your Instagram posts with places I want to visit soon. Keep it up!

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👍 My Top Places to see Tulips in the Netherlands (all info in one place) 

The Netherlands is famous for its beautiful tulip fields, which are in full bloom during the spring season. Every year, thousands of visitors and I flock to the countryside to witness the stunning colourful tulips stretching as far as the eye can see. If you are planning a tulip trip in the Netherlands during the…

👍 Best Places in the Netherlands for Christmas Decoration Shopping 

Winter is the time to decorate your Christmas tree, your home, and your house. The Netherlands is perfect to shop for Christmas decorations for your home. We found several places where you can not only shop but also enjoy the place itself. Some of these shopping places look like themeparks – so huge and so…

👍 Our favorite Heather Fields in the Netherlands 

Between August and September, the Netherlands turns into a purple paradise with colorful purple heather fields, known as ‘heide’ in Dutch. This happens only once a year for a month, and we never miss a chance to hike in the heather fields with my Dutch husband, or his mother-in-law. Each year, we try new heather…

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