Beautiful Villages and Small Towns of the Netherlands

Heusden street - Discover True Netherlands - cover image

Our collection of gorgeous little towns and villages that we visited together with my husband in the Netherlands. The Netherlands beyond Amsterdam is so beautiful. Enjoy!
All pictures are made by us.

Spakenburg - Discover True Netherlands


Feel like a tourist in a forest of boat masts in the cute village of Spakenburg.

Tholen - Discover True Netherlands


This village is full of feminist history and all houses are colored white. Find why!

Elburg - Discover True Netherlands


This Hanseatic town is a great place for water sports and cycling lovers.

Nieuwendam - Discover True Netherlands


Being adjacent to Amsterdam, this village is perfect for spring and summer walks.

Veere - Discover True Netherlands


In romantic Veere, discover its roots with Scotland, and try its market stroopwafels.

Hindeloopen - Discover True Netherlands


A unique town with a maze of streets, canals, wooden bridges, and local culture.

Ootmarsum- Discover True Netherlands


Get lost in Ootmarsum’s charming streets with art galleries and picturesque houses.

Zierikzee - Discover True Netherlands


Once it was a fishermen’s settlement; now it feels like it is an open-air museum.

Hoorn - Discover True Netherlands


It was one of the most important Dutch East Indian Company trade centers.

Tholen street - Discover True Netherlands


During a weekend in Zeeland, visit this special place with beautiful houses, squares, and streets full of flowers.

Woerden - Discover True Netherlands


A historic Dutch city with Roman roots with a market where we bought the most delicious plums ever.

Retranchement - Discover True Netherlands


Cycle through the tiniest settlement in the province of Zeeland and admire its 200-years-old beautiful windmill.

Urk fish - Discover True Netherlands - cover image


On Sundays, everything is closed, but you admire a beautiful lighthouse and boats.

Sloten - Discover True Netherlands


The smallest of Friesland’s 11 cities and one of the smallest cities in the world as it has only 2 main streets.

Bronkhosrt - Discover True Netherlands


The houses in Bronkhorst are so nicely decorated that it feels like walking in a museum gallery.

Franeker - Discover True Netherlands


Visit Franeker to admire Eise Eisinga Planetarium – a very old planetarium on the ceiling inside a house.

Aardenburg - Discover True Netherlands


Unknown to tourists but a very authentic and blooming town of Aardenburg – a true gem in the Zeeland province.

Ijlst - Discover True Netherlands


Only in IJlst, you will find charming gardens right alongside the main canal. Lovely view and so unique.

Vianen - Discover True Netherlands


A historic fortified town with a nice picturesque city center with an ancient entrance gate, and a beautiful city hall

Bergen - Discover True Netherlands - cover image


In any season, you can always have a nice stake here on the way to the beach.

Loeven aan de Vecht - Discover True Netherlands

Loenen aan de Vecht

It was one of our stops along the river Vecht in the direction of the Zuylen Castle. Admire boats while eating ice cream.

Geertruidenberg - Discover True Netherlands


Find peace, rest, and relaxation here. Plenty of things to see around because it’s located nearby Biesbosch National Park.

Groede - Discover True Netherlands


The most charming village center with the biggest ice cream in Zeeland is Groede. Do pass by in the evening.

Heusden - Discover True Netherlands


A little town around an old water castle in Northwest Europe is one of the first Dutch cities surrounded by a wall.

Buren- Discover True Netherlands


A beautiful off-the-beaten-track place. Buren is an ‘Oranjestad’ because of its connection with the Dutch Royal Family.

Vreeland- Discover True Netherlands


Escape Amsterdam for an evening walk with ice cream in this cute tiny village in the Utrecht region.

Leerdam - Discover True Netherlands - cover image


Passionate about glass and how it’s made:
visit Leerdam’s glass-blowing factory.

Mechelen - Discover True Netherlands


Hiking in Limburg? Don’t forget to pass by Mechelen for a cup of coffee. The landscape around here is breathtaking.

Mheer - Discover True Netherlands


Mheer – a tiny village along the Mergelland route in Limburg. It is very small, but it has its own castle.

Abcoude- Discover True Netherlands


Just 15 min from Amsterdam. Enjoy a walk in the fresh air with the gentle sun on your face in spring evenings here. 

Hattem street - Discover True netherlands


Find a connection between Anton Pieck – a famous Dutch cartoonist and a Fairy Tale Forest in the Efteling Theme Park.

Monnickendam boats - Discover True Netherlands


A gorgeous historic town set around a beautiful harbor – perfect for a photo shoot among traditional Dutch houses.

Kolhorn - Discover True Netherlands


You have not heard of Kolhorn because it is a small place with traditional houses in the province of North Holland

Doesburg - Discover True Netherlands


Spend a charming evening in Doesburg at Christmas time and eat ollibollen on its main square.

Hasselt - Discover True Netherlands


It’s a mini version of Amsterdam with an identical canal belt of Heerengracht, Prinsengracht, and Brouwersgracht.

Giethoorn - Discover True Netherlands


A car-free village known for its boat-filled waterways, footpaths, bicycle trails, and centuries-old thatched roofs.

Broek in Waterland village in winter - Discover True Netherlands


Known as the richest village of Holland, once, it was visited by Emperor Napoleon in 1811. 

Workum - Discover True Netherlands


Friesland is a unique part of the Netherlands, and Workum is one of its gems.

Durgerdam blue house - Discover True Netherlands


Durgerdam with its colorful buildings was an important harbor on the Zuiderzee. Well-known captains came from here.

Breukelen - Discover True Netherlands


Brooklyn in New York was named after this village – best known for its natural areas, large mansions, and castle. 

Zaltbommel - Discover True Netherlands


Very cozy village with a super high church and its own mini castle! You really have to stand next to it to realize how high it is.

Oisterwijk town - Discover True Netherlands


In 2020, it was crowned as one of the most beautiful villages. Discover its connection with a famous patisserie Bij Robèrt.

Asperen Fort - Discover True Netherlands


It’s an upcoming tourist destination with beautiful streets and a fort to visit.

Sneek - Discover True Netherlands


One of the charming little cities in Friesland with a famous fountain & gates.

Fort Bourtange-from internet


With 400 inhabitants now, it was a fortress during the 80 Years’ War against Spain.

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