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We love what we do, and we do it with passion:
showing you the authentic Netherlands

Discover True Netherlands is an energetic, wild, and creative initiative run by a local couple that specializes in private tours for non-Dutch and Dutch. We entertain small-scale groups, showing them the authentic Netherlands. We are not a bland tour guide company providing you with generic low-budget programs. If you are looking for a standard traditional tour, then you are in the wrong place. We give you the most amazing time, so you can get the most out of your time and experience the True Netherlands.

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Meet Jeroen

A true Amsterdammer in heart, born in Flevoland, the Netherlands, has been living in Amsterdam for 15 years. He speaks three languages, and holds a master’s degree in Hospitality Management and MBA from Nyenrode Business University. Worked in Disney World in Florida and Efteling Themepark in the Netherlands.

Jeroen has in-depth knowledge of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, a wealth of international experience. He is a highly-knowledgable guide with a loooot of humor.

Meet Anna

Enthousiastic founder of Discover True Netherlands – Anna is a true hunter for unique experiences. Since 2022, Anna is a certified drone pilot.

Anna is ex-Booking.com and has lived and worked in six countries. She speaks five languages and holds a master’s degree in Tourism Destination Management and Digital Marketing. Anna loves photography, videography, and flowers. All content is created solely by her.

Together with my husband in the tulip fields - Discover True Netherlands 4x3

Tailored Experience

Every trip we create is tailored just for you. We hand-select the destinations and activities.

Fun & Entertaining

Our philosophy is simple: fun. We connect you with Dutch food, culture, and history in a fun way.

Small Scale & Quality

We have hospitality backgrounds. Tell us what you wish to do and we will take care of the rest.

We inspire people through our social media channels to fully explore the Netherlands, beyond Amsterdam. Showing you cool destinations and itineraries in the Netherlands, among which are beautiful castles, cities, villages, museums, nature, zoos. You will experience unforgettable activities, events, and attractions with us.

The story of Discover True Netherlands

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How we met

We met during a celebration of the last Queen’s Day in 2012 in the Netherlands (now it is King’s Day). At that time, I used to work as AuPair in the Netherlands, then Belgium. And only since 2014 we started living together in Amsterdam. My family in Ukraine was very shocked that I would live with a man without marrying him first. That was hard! But with time, they got used to this situation.

Unusual marriage

In 2017 we adopted our lovely cat-companion Mikie. That was 1 month after my dearest grandmother passed away and my world turned upside down. I loved her so much, and she always supported me in whatever I was doing. Unfortunately, she did not see how we got married in 2018 February, during the Chinese New Year in Amsterdam. it was simple and without a wedding dress. Sometimes I regret that we did not have a proper wedding….

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True Netherlands was born

Together with Jeroen, we are big explorers in our hearts, we love meeting new people from other cultures and countries. Since the time I moved to Jeroen, he has been showing me the Netherlands almost every weekend. Imagine how many weekend trips we got for 7 years… At some point, I forgot the names of the places we visited in the Netherlands. So I started my Instagram page – Discover True Netherlands – just to remember the names of all destinations.

We want to inspire people

“If we see so many beautiful places in the Netherlands, so probably, the others might be also interested” – this was my thought. Besides, I noticed that majority of our friends expats-foreighners stay most of the time in Amsterdam, in the closed circle of their friends from their own countries. They do not see much beyond Amsterdam. So I decided to inspire others with my Insta page to travel throughout the Netherlands. In 2020, my Insta changed.

Together with my Dutch family - Discover True Netherlands
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Dreams about tours for tourists

In February 2021, I got my first 500 followers. I do not run any ads and love people to find us organically. We started to take our friends together in our car for a day trip in the Netherlands. And that is so much fun! Since that time, we are dreaming to create unique tours for tourists. At some point, my mother-in-law, Bertha, said that I saw more of the Netherlands than an average native Dutch person. And I noticed that our friends started to travel more on their weekends beyond Amsterdam. So cool!

Next steps

In 2021, I set up FB page and Pinterest Discover True Netherlands. Damn, it is so much work and preparation. I am doing all the content alone… Editing photos, making videos, writing texts, research… It takes a lot of time. In 2022, I finally created the first version of a website with WordPress. Recently, TikTok became my friend too. There, I upload both travels in the Netherland and abroad. I guess the next step is to create excursions for tourists. So, are you our first tourist(s) to see the Netherland in an authentic way?

With Jeroen next to Het Loo Palace - Discover True Netherlands

Get inspired by the destination to see in the Netherlands. Discover beautiful castles, cities, villages, museums, activities, events, attractions, nature, zoos, and more..

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