👌 Spas and Wellness Centers of the Netherlands that we enjoy the most

Thermen Bussloo - Lotus flower

Spas in the Netherlands are luxurious, well-organized wellness resorts, and most of them offer hotel services. You might find them a bit expensive for the full-day access, but it is worth it. After a day in a spa, we always feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Besides, we often use just the evening arrangement, which is cheaper and less busy. One fact: you have to be naked in a Dutch spa, although several spas offer swimming suit day, the so-called ‘badkledingdag’ which you can find on their websites. Enjoy!

  • Thermen Berendonck - Main pool with cocktail bar - from internet
  • Thermen Berendonck - Reception - Discover True Netherlands

1. Spa Berendonck near Nijmegen

Our the most favorite spa. We love it for the pool cocktail bar, a mix of Indian and Marakesh designs, and lavender fields.

  • Spa Fort Resort Beemster - hammocks - from internet
  • Spa Fort Resosrt Beemster - Exterior - Discover True Netherlands

2. Fort Resort Beemster

Located in the Unesco monument Fort, we love this wellness resort for the Bali feeling and its proximity to Amsterdam.

  • Thermen La Mer - Sunflowers - Discover True Netherlands
  • Thermen la Mer - Buddha - Discover True Netherlands

3. Thermen La Mer in Almere

Go here on Sunday evenings. We love this place for its little hammam and outside whirlpools. Just 20 min from Amsterdam.

  • Spa Sereen - Poeple look on water
  • Spa Sereen - Outside

5. Spa Sereen nearby Utrecht

Face to face with nature, you can swim in the clean lake waters and enjoy a beautiful outside view from each sauna.

  • Thermen Soesterberg - Portrait of a young lady - Discover True Netherlands
  • Thermen Soesterberg - Flower bouquet - Discover True Netherlands

4. Thermen Soesterberg

A day here and you feel like just born again. We love this place for a giant theater sauna, rose sauna, and rest space.

  • Veluwse Bron - salty bath - from internet
  • Veluwse Bron - View to the river

6. Veluwse Bron Wellness Resort

This is the most amazing spa to enjoy the biggest salt pool inside a house with an open roof. So unique and relaxing.

  • Thermen Bussloo - Reception couches - Discover True Netherlands
  • Thermen Bussloo - Lotus - Discover True Netherlands

7. Thermen Bussloo Wellness

In this luxurious spa, inspired by world travels, you have to admire its Mexican cenote – a saltwater pool.

  • Thermen Bad Nieuweschans - view to the river
  • Thermen Bad Nieuweschans- Meditation room

8. Thermen Bad Nieuweschans

With the mineral-rich spring waters, a part of the spa is a water park for people with swimwear, and another – ‘naked’ part.

  • Wellness Resort Elysium - Sauna square 2
  • Wellness Resort Elysium - Laguna

9. Wellness Resort Elysium

Every Monday and every last Thursday of the month is a swimwear day. Don to miss 1001 day bath and a laguna bath.

Telephones are not allowed in spas, so several pictures are from spas’ websites.

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Thermen Bussloo - Lotus

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