The Most Impressive Castles in the Netherlands: according to us

Hoensbroek Castle - Discover True Netherlands - cover image

On the photo – Hoensbroek Castle

Our collection of Dutch castles, estates, and castle gardens that we enjoyed in the Netherlands and recommend to you. Almost every castle is a museum, we recommend you to visit and see from the inside. Usually, the surrounding territories are large and beautiful enough to hike or cycle around. Enjoy!
All photos are taken by us.

Het Loo Palace and me - Discover True Netherlands

Het Loo Palace

Our #1 most beautiful palace in the Netherlands that used to be a summer residence for the royal family. Its old, chique interior will conquer your heart.

Cannenburch Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Cannenburch Castle

The castle combines a museum, castle garden park, authentic paintings, decorated rooms, a kitchen, a porcelain collection, and a place to fish.

Staverden Estate - Discover True Netherlands

Staverden Estate

See it in autumn. The Landgoed Staverden consists of a castle, water mills, several farms, and a park. You will also find a hidden church in the woods.

Het Twickel Estate - Discover True Netherlands

Twickel Estate

With over 4,400 ha of land, it is one of the unforgettable places for cycling, walking, or just a romantic trip. Its landscape alternates between parks, forests, heather fields, meadows, and farms.

Het Nijenhuis Castle Gardens - Discover True Netherlands

Het Nijenhuis

This castle-gardens is an awesome travel tip when in Overijssel province. Its Statue Garden by renowned Dutch and international artists and modern art collection inside the castle is fun.

De Haar Castle - Discover True Netherlands

De Haar Castle

The most beautiful and unique Christmas market you will find only in Kasteel De Haar -the biggest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands, half an hour from Amsterdam.

Het Markiezenhof - Discover True Netherlands

Markiezenhof City Palace

This museum, once a residential palace, is the oldest city palace in the Netherlands. Combine visiting Markiezenhof when in Bergen op Zoom.

Jachhuis Sint Hubertus in Veluwe - Discover True Netherlands

Jachthuis St Hubertus

The most iconic building in the Netherlands is located in the Veluwe National Park. The former residence of the Kröller-Müller art couple.

Estate Kasteel Oud Poelgeest - Discover True Netherlands

Estate Kasteel Oud Poelgeest

Discover this estate, museum, castle, and culinary restaurant while visiting beautiful Leiden. Overnight in the hotel here instead of a busy city.

Groeneveld Castle Entrance - Discover True Netherlands

Groeneveld Castle

We celebrated King’s Day with a picnic in the gardens of this castle – one of the most beautiful examples of a country houses from the Rococo period.

Doorwerth Castle, Gelderland - Discover True Netherlands

Doorwerth Castle

It’s history stretches back to 12th century and it is absolutely a must-see castle in the province of Gelderland. You are welcome to have a wedding here

Muidenslot castle - Discover True Netherlands


This is a medieval castle, also known as the Amsterdam castle because of its proximity to Amsterdam. You can easily cycle here or take a boat.

Amerongen Castle in Utrecht province - Discover True Netherlands

Amerongen Castle in Utrecht province

With its authentic interior and gardens, it accomodated many nobles over the years including German Kaiser Wilhelm II who signed his abdication right here

Trompenburg - Discover True Netherlands

Park garden of Trompenburg

In the summer, this 17th-century structure near Hilversumit is a green area to walk. Several times per year the castle is open to the public on monument days.

Kasteeltuinen Arcen Castle, Limburg - Discover True Netherlands

Castle Gardens Arcen

It’s one of the most beautiful flower and plant parks in Europe with 15 unique gardens. In autumn, it’s a paradise where various landscapes and styles collide.

Zuylen Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Zuylen Castle

One of the oldest castles on the river Vecht nearby Utrecht. The castle has not been renovated since 1752, so the interiors are well-preserved; also a flower garden.

Poptaslot Castle, Friesland - Discover True Netherlands

Poptaslot Castle

Built in the 15th century, now it’s a museum Popta Castle where visitors look around various rooms, still delicately furnished in 17th and 18th-century style.

Vorden Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Vorden Castle

A wonderful estate for a spring walk, a photo shoot, or bird spotting. The castle is open to the public almost all year round, You can book a tour from 11am to 5pm.

Huis Doorn Museum in a castle - Discover True Netherlands

Huis Doorn

This museum is the former residence of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II, who fled to the neutral Netherlands in 1918 after the German was defeated.

Keukenhof Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Keukenhof Castle

You have been to Keukenhof but I bet you miss the Keukenhof castle. This beautiful estate has plenty of monuments, castle gardens, and flowers.

Ruurlo Castle with magnolias - Discover True Netherlands

Ruurlo Castle

It dates back to 1326, now it’s a museum with a magnificent art collection. In spring, enjoy the magnolias here. Its glass bridge is unique in the Netherlands.

Huis Bergh Castle - Discover True Netherlands - cover image

Huis Bergh Castle

One of the largest castles in the Netherlands, located in Gelderland province.

Hackfort Estate castle-Estate, Gelderland - Discover True Netherlands

Hackfort Estate

The Hackfort Estate combines a walking forest, coach house, gardener’s house, water mill, and farms. Visit in spring.

Loevestein Castle, Gelderland - Discover True Netherlands

Loevenstein Castle

Learn one of the most famous stories in Dutch history. Afterward, see and touch the gracious wild horses grazing nearby.

Dekemastate Small Castle-Estate, Friesland - Discover True Netherlands


It is known as a mini-castle of Friesland since the 15th century. Here you will enjoy a museum inside and the gardens.

Chateau St Gerlach, Limburg - Discover True Netherlands

Chateau St Gerlach nearby Valkenburg

A luxurious 5* hotel nearby Valkenburg. You will sit between a vineyard, herb gardens, an orchard, a rose garden, and a church with 18th-century frescoes.

Genhoes Castle, Limburg - Discover True Netherlands

Genhoes Castle in Limburg

This castle is not open to the public because a family lives there. But you are free to walk by and make a photo while hiking in Oud Valkenburg.

Amelisweerd & Rhijnauwen

Enjoy nature and all the good things these two estates have to offer. Here you will admire special flora and fauna while hiking in fresh air any season.

Oud Valkenburg Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Schaloen Castle in Limburg

Only in Limburg, you will find castles made of limestone. That’s why they are so yellow. Schaloen Castle is also a 3* hotel and a garden that is open to the public.

Beeckestijn en Velserbeek Estates - Discover True Netherlands

Beeckestijn en Velserbeek Estates

Just 20 min from Amsterdam, yet not many people know about these two beautiful estates that are adjacent to each other. Good for hiking in any season.

Kasteel Terworm - Discover True Netherlands

Terworm Castle in Limburg

Kasteel Terworm is located in the Limburg province. This is also a 4* hotel and restaurant. It’s surrounded by a forest, so it’s good for hiking here.

Ijsden Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Ijsden Castle

Kasteel Ijsden, built in 1637, is located in the Limburg province. On its territory, you will find several farm buildings, a gatehouse, and a castle-park. During our visit it was clo

De Kelder Castle - Discover True Netherlands

De Kelder Castle

The current castle is only half of what it once was because a fire destroyed some parts in the 17th century. Not open to visitors but you can cycle around while in the Kruisbergse woods.

Haamstede Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Haamstede Castle

This beautiful castle is located in Zeeland province in the village of Haamstede. The autumn colors make it colorful. Try to cycle from here to the Westerlicht lighthouse and surrounding dunes.

Hoensbroek Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Hoensbroek Castle

Kasteel Hoensbroek is one of the largest and most accessible castles in Europe. There are always many games for kids to play, but its medieval style is too empty.

Heemstede Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Heemstede Castle

Restaurant Kasteel Heemstede was completely renovated in 2002 and now houses a prestigious restaurant with one Michelin star. It’s located in the Utrecht province.

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