List of Travel Themes & Destinations in the Netherlands

We are a local couple, and we love exploring the Netherlands on weekends. This is our collection of unique places to see in the Netherlands that we visited ourselves.
Here you will find an overview of places by theme. We encourage you to click on the “blue button” for more details on each topic. Get enough inspiration for your next trip. Let’s go!

Elburg village - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Pretty Small Towns and Villages in the Netherlands

Here you will find our recommendations about the most charming small towns and villages in the Netherlands. Remember that all these places we visited ourselves and, we recommend the best to you. Enjoy!

On the Photo – Elburg, Gelderland province

Gorgeous Cities in the Netherlands

Make your trip interesting and fun with our selection of Dutch impressive cities beyond Amsterdam. A bunch of fun activities awaits you, such as beautiful museums, churches, squares, harbors, gardens, parks, and shopping.

On the Photo – Goes, Zeeland province

Goes city - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Cheese market in Alkmaar - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Cool Events in the Netherlands

Life in the Netherlands is never boring. There are always some events going on around the country. Discover our recommendations of top events that we attended ourselves.

On the Photo – Alkmaar Cheese Market, North Holland

Unique Museums in the Netherlands

So much history is hidden in the Dutch Museums to help you understand the Dutch people, culture, and traditions. This collection of museums will help you to get on the other level of knowledge if you visit all of them. Will you dare?

On the Photo – NXT Museum, Amsterdam

NXT Museum in Amsterdam - together with a friend in a colorful room - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Tet Loo Palace - Discover True Netherlands

Magnificent Castles in the Netherlands

Get ready to be impressed by the list of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands that we saw with our own eyes. This collection consists of magnificent castles, fortresses, and estates around the Netherlands. Already curious?

On the Photo – The Heemstede Castle & Restaurant, Utrecht province

Posbank heather fields in Veluwe - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Breathtaking Nature Areas in the Netherlands

Movement is healthy. Get a refreshing hike and find peace of mind during your next trip, or biking adventure in these beautiful Dutch nature parks, nature reserves, National Parks, forests, estates, and heather fields.

On the photo -National Park Veluwe Zoom, Gelderland province

Bruinisse oysters farm - I am with a full basket of oysters - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Activities and Attractions to experience in the Netherlands

This collection is about must-do activities that we tried ourselves, among them are – flying an airplane over the Netherlands, hunting for oysters, mud walking in the middle of the sea, fishing, climbing high pines, walking in caves, and visiting the largest Christmas centers… Or check the attractions among which are Unesco World Heritage sites, beautiful windmills, theme parks, dikes, etc.

On the Photo – We are gathering fresh oysters from the sea

Prettiest Flower & Tulip places in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its flower business and tulip fields. Colorful, extraordinary, of various forms, shades, and scents – they all deserve a separate section in your Dutch experience. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, and many more…

On the Photo – Tulip fields of Flevoland, nearby my Dutch family-in-low house

Me and Jeroen in tulip fields - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

De Banjard Beach sunset - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Fantastic Sea Coast of the Netherlands

Did you know that the beautiful Dutch coastline is about 400km? Explore our recommendations about these fantastic beaches, seaside towns, and resorts where mesmerizing dunes & deltas, unforgettable sunsets, and warm sandy beaches will take your breath away. Ready?

On the Photo – De Banjaard Beach, Zeeland province

Fun Shopping Places of the Netherlands

Sometimes it is important to indulge yourself. For shopaholics and not only, here is the collection of cool shopping malls where you do not necessarily have to buy things BUT experience a place itself.

On the Photo – Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Westfield Shopping Mall - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Lotus flower- Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Best Wellness & Spas of the Netherlands

We are big fans of Dutch spas. If you have not tried yet, you miss a lot. Spas are not only healthy, but they are also a piece of art and design to admire. Each spa has its own style and interior design. Very recommended experience in the Netherlands.

On the Photo – the lotus flower at Spa Bussloo

Rare Hotels, B&Bs, and Restaurants of the Netherlands

Finding a nice, unique & comfy hotel in the Netherlands is like finding the right book in a large library. We make this task easier for you. Although our taste in accommodations might be objective – these are the places that we enjoyed a lot.

Hotel Villa Ruimzicht - Discover True Netherlands 1x1

Blijdorp Zoo - Walking through aquarium - Discover True Netherlands

The coolest Zoos

You won’t believe it but the Netherlands is one of the best countries to visit zoos and animal parks. Going to a zoo in the Netherlands is like going to an important attraction. Most of the time it is a fun trip with your friends or family for the whole day. Check it out.

Bike in the tulip fields - Discover True Netherlands - cover image

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