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Here you will find a list of our favorite attractions in the Netherlands. Avoid overcrowded sights and use our recommendations to see unique places.
All photos are made by us.

  • Efteling- Main entrance in the evening- Discover True Netherlands
  • Efteling Themepark - Roller coaster - Discover True Netherlands
  • Efteling - Dressed up people playing music - Discover True Netherlands

Winter Efteling theme park

Super fun, cozy, full of winter decorations atmosphere is guaranteed. Once a year, Efteling turned into a winter paradise.

  • Kasteeltuinene Arcen - Castle gardens Arcen - Standing in front of red Japanese gates - Discover True Netherlands
  • Kasteeltuinene Arcen - Castle gardens Arcen - Autumn colours - Discover True Netherlands
  • Kasteeltuinene Arcen - Castle gardens Arcen - Asian house - Discover True Netherlands

Castle gardens Arcen in autumn

Imagine an old castle surrounded by 15 gardens of various styles, shapes, and colors. Must be visited in autumn.

  • Valkenburg cavas - Light statues inside the caves - Discover True Netherlands
  • Valkenburg caves - A group holding candles inside the caves - Discover True Netherlands

Roman caves in Valkenburg

The replica of catacombs in Rome is to be admired in the Netherlands, in the charming town of Valkenburg.

  • Kinderdijk - Windmills along the river - Discover True Netherlands
  • Kinderdijk - Together with my husband in front of a windmill - Discover True Netherlands

Kinderdijk Unesco World Heritage

16 stunning old windmills in about 15 km from Rotterdam – a Unesco World Heritage place not to miss.

  • Jachthuis Sint Hubertus - Sint Hubertus villa exterior - Discover True Netherlands
  • Jachthuis Sint Hubertus - Sint Hubertus villa interior - Discover True Netherlands

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus

The former country residence of the Kröller-Müller family is one of the most iconic buildings in the Netherlands.

  • Toweland - View to the wooden rollercoaster - Discover True Netherlands
  • Toverland - Entrance - Discover True Netherlands

Toverland Theme Park

This attraction park consists of 6 worlds. New adventures, shows, and spectacular attractions are waiting for you.

De Haar Castle - Discover True Netherlands

Dutch Castles

There are several impressive castles in the Netherlands. Check the list of beautiful castles.

Teylers Museum in Haarlem - main room - Discover True Netherlands

Old Museums

Check our recommendations for top must-see museums in the Netherlands. Visit a museum on your day off.

Nieuwendam - Discover True Netherlands

Pretty Towns

Find our recommendations of authentic towns and villages in the Netherlands.

Leeuwarden - Giant white fountain in the shape of heads - Discover True Netherlands

11 Fountains in Friesland

The 11 fountains by renowned artists from all over the world are scattered around 11 beautiful towns in Friesland.

Yerseke - Plate of oysters - Discover True Netherlands

Oyster farms in Yerseke

Oyster farming is a traditional Dutch business. And the oldest oyster farms are located in Yerseke, in Zeeland.

Verscholen dorp- Hidden village in the Veluwe National Park - Discover True Netherlands

Hidden Village in Veluwe

Cycle the beautiful Veluwe National park to find the hidden underground houses used to escape from nazis during WWII.

Duiven Intratuin- Christmas towers- Discover True Netherlands

Duiven Intratuin Christmas show

It’s the biggest Christmas show in Europe. Dive into this Christmas world between October and January.

Nijmegen Roman mask- Standing in front of a giant head- Discover True Netherlands

Roman mask of Nijmegen

A giant, impressive Roman mask of 6 meters over the Waal, where the original mask of the 2nd century AD was found.

Wondr Amsterdam- Laying in the pool of marshmellows - Discover True Netherlands

WONDR Experience in Amsterdam

Let your imagination run wild. This is the first experience playground in Amsterdam – full of colors, sensations, and unusual.

Dordrecht old houses street - Discover True Netherlands

Visit a Dutch City

Take your family or friends on a day trip to the most charming cities in the Netherlands.

Het Henschotermeer Lake - Discover True Netherlands

Walk in Nature

Need a good hike for a breath of fresh air? These parks and nature areas will do a trick. Here you can relax.

De Banjaard - Evening walk on the beach- Discover True Netherlands

See the Beach & Sea

Love sea, dunes, sand? Check the collection of beaches and seaside resorts in the Netherlands.

Amersfoort Zoo- Standing next to Trex- Discover True Netherlands

Experience Zoos

Who said that going to a zoo should be only with kids? Dutch zoos are perfect for an entertaining day alone or with friends.

Flying airplane in Tuege - Me inside the hangar - Discover True Netherlands

Try New Activities

Wake up and try something new. We prepared a list of cool activities to try in the Netherlands.

Hotel Villa Ruimzicht- Discover True Netherlands

Unique Hotels

Treat yourself with a night of good sleep in unique hotels and B&Bs in the Netherlands.

  • Oudenbosch basilica - Colours of dome - Discover True Netherlands
  • Oudenbosch basilica - Exterior - Discover True Netherlands

Oudenbosch Basilica

An impressive replica of the famous St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome – Oudenbosch Basilica in the province of North Brabant.

  • Westerlichttoren lighthouse - Exterior - Discover True Netherlands
  • Westerlichttoren lighthouse - Benches on the dune hills - Discover True Netherlands

Westerlicht Lighthouse

Enjoy a stroll through the beautiful moody dunes around the Westerlicht lighthouse located in Haamstede in Zeeland.

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Kinderdijk - Windmills and orange bike - Discover True Netherlands - cover image

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